Introduction to Huntington's Disease

This website aims to give a consise and easily understandable overview of Huntington's Disease. Huntingtons disease is a neurodegenerative disease that affects approximately 6-7 out of every 100,000 people. By selecting on the different menu headings you can gain a better insight into the disease and its causes and symptoms. The website also covers management of the disease, a glossary of the key scientific terms used within the site and links to other useful resources.

This is a video from the NHS choice. It contains both an expert and a patient talking about their experience of Huntington's disease.








Medical News Today- 'Research offers clue to halt Huntington's disease'

12/05/2011 16:36
Article on Medical News Today about the potentials of using cell populations in the brains of Huntington's disease patients to replace degenerating neurons.  ...

Yahoo News- '"State of the art" testing for Huntington's gene.'

28/04/2011 18:10
In a fertility clinic in America new methods have been developed that can test an embryo for Huntington's disease. To see the full article visit...

BBC News Report- 'Venezualan village key in search for Huntington's Cure'

20/08/2010 19:24
A bbc news report accompanying Nancy Wexler as she carries out her life's work to find a cure for Huntington's Disease. To find out more visit...

Science Daily- 'Novel Therapeutic Target for the Treatment of Huntington’s Disease'

23/07/2010 20:10
A scientfic news report presenting discoveries avout the possible treatments to improve the survival of neurons normally affected by Huntington's. To read more visit...